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  • When flying in an Airbus, I often (if not always) hear a weird sound before the aircraft starts to accelerate for taking off. From where exactly does this sound come from? Why doesn't it appear on other aircraft?

  • What are the main differences in flying a Boeing vs an Airbus aircraft? Ignoring cosmetics, e.g. nose/window shape (see How can I tell apart an Airbus from a Boeing?)

  • Watching a video on YouTube of an A340-600 takeoff, I noticed that it has at least two exterior cameras — one for lining up the nosewheel, and the other on the tailfin: After the NTSB recommended the use of exterior cameras in 2012, I'm wondering how widespread these are? Which models of Airbus aircraft have them? Do any Boeings? For bonus points, do these record or are they realtime-only?

  • As a private pilot I have zero knowledge about how big jets are being flown so I was a little surprised to see that smaller Airbuses (A32x) only use spoilers for roll control on final approach. Durin...

  • The major reason that lead Aeroflot Flight 593 to crash was the partial disengagement of the of autopilot (by the pilot's kid who was in the cockpit) which could have been avoided if the pilots were more familiar with the Airbus 310-100 or there was an audible alert. Do new Airbus aircrafts have an audible alert in such cases now? were the old ones some how altered to implement this?

  • In a recent flight on an Airbus A380 I noticed that its ailerons are split into three segments which move independently. What advantages does this design have? Do other aircraft have split ailerons (or other control surfaces)?

  • When looking at an airplane, what are the main external features I should look at if I want to determine if it is an Airbus or a Boeing (shape of the tail, fuselage, winglets, wings, etc.)? Same questions from a passenger point of view, quietly seated inside?

  • On the sidesticks of Airbus aircraft, there is a Priority Takeover button. Wikipedia has this to say: In typical Airbus side-stick implementations, the sticks are independent. The plane's computer either aggregates multiple inputs or a pilot can press a "priority button" to lock out inputs from the other side-stick. On US flight 1549, the CVR transcript shows that Sully hit the Priority T/O button, after the co-pilot (Skiles) handed over control of the aircraft: 15:27:23.2 - Sully: My aircraft. 15:27:24.0 - Skiles: Your aircraft. 15:27:26.5 - FWC: Priority left. I'm

  • Watching a video entitled Airbus A330 Takeoff Sidestick View, there appears to be a lot of side-to-side movement of the sidestick, as well as a lot of pushing the nose down: I was under the impression that movements on the control column should be smooth and not erratic — what is the reason for the side-to-side movement? As far as I can see on the MFDs, there is no heading change prior to 02:50 (which appears to be done by the A/P anyway). Is it turbulence? Also, what is the reason for pushing the nose down? Is the plane naturally trying to pull up at too high of an angle

  • Referring to the automated callouts and sounds made by the fwc, tcas, gpws, pws, etc. — are these available to download in one repository at all? For any aircraft, Airbus or Boeing. Understandably, these may not be freely available, but I'm curious otherwise too (e.g. the likes of Air Crash Investigation must do this).