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  • On this approach plate, the holding pattern shown is depicted for a missed approach: However, in the notes, it says to Descend to 6000 in holding pattern. even though you should only climb to 4700 feet, according to the missed approach procedure: Climb to 3000 via 166° bearing then climbing left turn to 4700 direct DUT NDB/DME and hold. What does the note actually mean (especially since it seems to be implying you would be higher than 6000 on the missed approach procedure)?

  • In larger aircraft, shallow, high-power approaches are performed as a matter of routine, but in light aircraft it seems to be frowned upon, especially in clear weather and smooth fields. Why is "dragg...

  • As a new VFR pilot, I was wondering why anyone would fly (or be assigned) an ILS (or other) approach in clear weather? I ask this because I watched Vienna - Tokyo (Narita) on where the F.O. flew the approach looking at the display all the way until the flare. The visibility was good. Runway 34R.

  • I have a question regarding this Missed Approach Procedure Im in my final approach segment and reach DME 1.1 and the runway is not in sight so I start my Missed approach, how should it be executed? Since I have to hold I'd start a tear drop entry turning to heading 125° and then left turn intercepting 275° course inbound. This option sounds viable to me I first do a right 360° as charted (???) and going to the VOR and then starting probably a parallel entry into the hold. This doesn't sound viable to me Textual description is also clear about that 360° If it 1.) why would they chart

  • I have heard about Simultaneous Offset Instrument Approaches (SOIA), special procedures for runways that are spaced particularly close together. How exactly do they work? What are the requirements for an airport to be eligible for the procedure? What special requirements are there for pilots flying the approach?

  • This is a snippet from the KESC RNAV 36 approach. It's a real procedure, I didn't photoshop it except to add highlighting. Let's say I was in the position that the blue aircraft is in (roughly 10... from the AIM: AIM 5-4-9: The procedure turn or hold-in-lieu-of-PT is a required maneuver when it is depicted on the approach chart, unless cleared by ATC for a straight-in approach. Additionally, the procedure turn or hold-in-lieu-of-PT is not permitted when the symbol “No PT” is depicted on the initial segment being used, when a RADAR VECTOR to the final approach course is provided, or when

  • When you're circling, it has been said that you are required to keep view of the runway at all times below the MDA. However, sometimes this can be impossible due to issues with visibility, such as being banked to turn around for final, or because a flock of birds are circling between the airport and your aircraft. Are you required to execute the missed approach if this occurs or not?

  • If there seems to be very little traffic at an untowered airport, and no one's replied to any of your radio calls, is it acceptable to just fly a straight-in approach to the runway, or should you still fly the full traffic pattern to final? It just seems like it would be a waste of time and fuel when it's not really necessary. Is there anything wrong with doing so?

  • If you are on a heading, being vectored to intercept final on an instrument approach, and it appears that you will fly through the final approach without being cleared to intercept it, what should you do?

  • Most (all?) airlines require the use of a stabilized approach, and it is constantly referred to as a safer way to land an airplane. What are the criteria for an approach to be considered stabilized? What makes it safer than a "normal" (unstabilized?) approach?

  • I understand that a SAAAR is a "special" approach and that special approval is required to even get the approach plate, but what exactly is it? Aspen is an example of an airport that has one.

  • I was looking through my ADSB Virtual Radar outputs couple days ago and saw a weird re-route for one of the aircraft that looked out of place. Can one of the pilots/ATC guys pitch in to help me under...

  • Does anyone know where to find a list of active NDB approaches? I can find a list of ones proposed to be eliminated, but I'm having a problem coming across a list of remaining ones.