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  • In Australia, aircraft approved for ASETPA operations are certain single-engine turbines allowed to be operated commercially under IFR. While I understand that the manufacturer is required to meet a series of requirement, I'm not so sure about whether the pilots in ASETPA operations need special training or approval. Is extra training and/or testing required, and if so, how extensive is it?

  • In January 2013, a python hitched a ride on plane, unfortunately exposed on the wing after getting sucked out of its hiding place. Qantas 191 is a Cairns → Port Moresby flight on a DHC-8-400, probabl...

  • Are there any sites similar to SkyVector (US-based) for GA aviation maps in Australia? I understand that Air Services Australia has miscellaneous single-purposes maps available, but they seem to be mostly airport diagrams and approach procedures. I'm looking for GA VFR maps. If the only thing available is SkyVector's world maps (of Australia), how accurate are they?