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  • I have not even an idea about how I would search for that on Google, that is why I'm trying my chance here. As electrical engineer I have no clue about fluid mechanics. We all now that when water is p...

  • The Boeing 737 was originally designed in the 1960's and flew into the 1980's before a major redesign (the 737-700, -800, and -900 models) was implemented. Coming up in a few years will be the next major revamp of the line as the 737-Max series (737-7, 737-8, and 737-9). What major changes have been incorporated in these revisions?

  • What are the main differences in flying a Boeing vs an Airbus aircraft? Ignoring cosmetics, e.g. nose/window shape (see How can I tell apart an Airbus from a Boeing?)

  • Watching a video on YouTube of an A340-600 takeoff, I noticed that it has at least two exterior cameras — one for lining up the nosewheel, and the other on the tailfin: After the NTSB recomme...

  • There are various services that use world-wide Boeing Winds for forecast wind data which can be used to calculate an approximate flight time between two locations. They usually have best case, worst... in a commercial product? For those of you who don't know what the Boeing winds are, I found this description of their software product on am informal message board (not related to Boeing): PC WindTemp¬† INTRODUCTION¬† The Boeing PC Windtemp program provides global average and statistical winds and temperatures aloft over a 30 year period. These data are used primarily for comparative transport

  • I often fly the PMDG 737-800 (with winglets) in my home simulator and most of the times, I find it hard to slow the aircraft down for landing when I descend. Most of the time, I need to deploy the spe...

  • When looking at an airplane, what are the main external features I should look at if I want to determine if it is an Airbus or a Boeing (shape of the tail, fuselage, winglets, wings, etc.)? Same questions from a passenger point of view, quietly seated inside?

  • The Boeing 787 Dreamliner's fuselage is almost completely made of composite carbon fibre material, which is not susceptible to metal fatigue. The main reason why the cabin pressure in a pressurized aircraft is kept as low as possible is to reduce the expansion and shrinking of the fuselage due to changes in pressure differences, reducing metal fatigue in the long run. Does the 787 use higher cabin pressures than other commercial aircraft? Boeing touted this as one of the revolutionary new features of the aircraft back in 2006, but does it actually use higher cabin pressure now

  • Boeing 777 MHA370 Maldita16

    Can anyone explain how a Boeing 777-200 can vanish without a trace? How can it simply disappear without any indication of an in-flight emergency from the flight crew? Does its disappearance and lack of any physical evidence suggest a catastrophic in-flight emergency which unfolded so rapidly that it caught the flight crew off guard and unable to send a distress signal? Is it possible for someone other than the flight crew to disable its transponder or alter its radar signature to render it undetectable?

  • With the correct keywords on Google, it is possible to find Boeing MPDs (Maintenance Planning Documents), as well as Task Cards, and other technical documents. I'm wondering, could a software vendor with the need to access these documents legally obtain them?

  • The Boeing 757 (at least in the US) is in a special class of its own with respect to air traffic control wake turbulence advisories and separation. This is apparently due to it producing stronger wake vortices than would be expected from an aircraft of similar size and weight. What about the 757's design causes these strong vortices? What led to the decision to treat it differently than similar aircraft?

  • I recently came across this picture of the Boeing 787 series aircraft's incredible wingflex: I suppose this is a consequence of using very light CFRP wings, but how does the wingflex itself improve the 787's flight performance? Do the benefits/drawbacks also apply to the 747-8 (which IIRC also uses CFRP wings)?

  • This might sound like a silly question to some, but is it possible to go and sit in the cockpit of a Boeing 737, somewhere in the UK? (Otherwise in Europe, or beyond). Maybe at a museum or something? I'm building a [currently tiny] home cockpit based on a 737, and I'd like to see how the real thing looks and feels. I tried searching online, but I couldn't find anything. Hope this isn't too dumb of a question, i.e. "not possible Jim!"

  • One seemingly plausible theory about the MH370 disappearance is that one or other of the pilots locked the other one out of the cockpit and then depressurised the cabin. However, this answer mentions...

  • Referring to the automated callouts and sounds made by the fwc, tcas, gpws, pws, etc. — are these available to download in one repository at all? For any aircraft, Airbus or Boeing. Understandably, these may not be freely available, but I'm curious otherwise too (e.g. the likes of Air Crash Investigation must do this).