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  • I recently attempted to take my Commercial/ME/Instrument checkride. I passed the oral exam portion, but shortly after the engine started running rough. After making it through about 3-4 maneuvers and tasks, the DPE and myself called safety of flight and brought the plane back in. He did a discontinuance on my app for a new rating, but did check me off on the tasks performed. He stated... in about two weeks. If the plane doesn't get back up and running, I'm hosed. My shelf life on the checkride stuff expires on 5/31 and I won't be back home from my deployment until early to mid-June.

  • Suppose you're on your private pilot checkride and the tower gives you a land and hold short clearance. Are you able to accept that clearance? I know you're expected to fly as if you were a private pilot, and you're allowed to carry the examiner even though they're not providing you dual instruction... Are you allowed to accept a clearance on your private pilot checkride that you couldn't accept as a student but could as a private pilot?

  • What steps should I take after failing the oral portion of the check ride for my PPL?

  • I'm a student pursuing a US Private Pilot License, and recently scheduled my checkride. I've been training in a 1981 Piper Warrior (PA-28-161), but if its annual goes sour I may have to take my club's 1980 Piper Archer (PA-28-181). I have well over §61.109's 40 hours in the Warrior alone, and only ~10 hours in the Archer. I have a separate club checkout and CFI solo endorsement for each... would encounter if I need to change the tail number or model number of my checkride plane and listed hours therein, potentially long after IACRA submission?

  • Let's assume that I'm on a check-ride and my next requirement is to perform a short-field landing. If I'm coming in for landing and it's obvious I'm not going to hit my mark, can I perform a go-arou...

  • For a Private Pilot License in USA, what happens when a student takes his/her checkride? I want to know the sequence of events. According to my knowledge, which is sort of vague, things proceed as follows: Student takes an oral and written exam (not sure if it's on the same day of checkride or prior to that). Examiner asks student to plan a cross country flight. Examiner and students go... if checkride has to be cancelled for reasons not controlled by student? What else did I miss? Thanks.

  • Is a checkride which is required in order to qualify a pilot for 121 or 135 operations itself conducted under Part 91 or Part 121/135 rules? For instance, is a first class medical required in order to be PIC for the line check required by 135.299 or is only a second class medical required? I understand that in order to act as PIC of a Part 121/135 flight you need a current first class medical, but what about for the checkride?