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  • On a recent flight the captain made an announcement at the gate that they need to reboot the computer as somethings aren't working, and rebooting usually solves the problem. After posting this on twi...

  • A "Sterile Cockpit" means avoiding all conversations and actions not related to flight during important flight times. (eg. No extraneous conversations, no non-important electronics, no eating, etc) Commercial pilots are told to observe Sterile Cockpit below 10,000 feet. But what about Private Pilots who may rarely ever go above 10,000? When do you begin observing sterile cockpit? When do you consider it safe to talk with passengers, take a snack, or fiddle with the new GPS?

  • Do planes have keys? Danny Beckett

    One thing I've always wondered is: do airplanes have keys that you put in the ignition to start? And on the outside doors? Otherwise how are they secured and started? I'm interested to know about a ...

  • Since pilots are permitted to communicate in their own language to eachother in the cockpit, and to ATC in their own country, it stands to reason that some fwc's might say "te laag, terrein!" I've seen some Russian planes with everything written in Russian in the cockpit: Do any planes have callouts in languages other than English? Are any planes built with the option to change the spoken language? E.g. an Airbus talking French.

  • Bluetooth in the Cockpit ridecontrol53

    Are there any FAA regulations concerning wireless Bluetooth headsets in the cockpit of any aircraft? Moreover, I'm interested in finding out if the Bluetooth protocol (IEEE 802.15.1) will adversely affect any aircraft avionics in terms of radio interference or other Electromagnetic Interference (EMI). If anyone has any experience with this, thoughts and comments would be greatly appreciated.

  • For a layman like myself, the cockpit of every single modern airplane that I've laid my eyes on seems like a complex, intimidating mess with knobs, buttons, screens and levers literally covering... cockpit designers just are snobbish assholes who like to make the operation of aircraft a pain in the behind for everybody else. I don't know. What's the design philosophy behind the design of the cockpit controls?

  • Why are traditional style cockpits with gauges called 'steam cockpits'? Do the instruments actually run on steam?

  • This might sound like a silly question to some, but is it possible to go and sit in the cockpit of a Boeing 737, somewhere in the UK? (Otherwise in Europe, or beyond). Maybe at a museum or something? I'm building a [currently tiny] home cockpit based on a 737, and I'd like to see how the real thing looks and feels. I tried searching online, but I couldn't find anything. Hope this isn't too dumb of a question, i.e. "not possible Jim!"

  • One seemingly plausible theory about the MH370 disappearance is that one or other of the pilots locked the other one out of the cockpit and then depressurised the cabin. However, this answer mentions a code that can be entered to unlock the cockpit door. Could this apply in this case (on a 777)?