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  • I'm not even sure if they end up falling to earth, or if they accumulate and form/join other clouds or whatnot, which is part of the reason I'm asking this question. In contrails, heavier particles fall faster than the light ones, so as the contrail disperses it spreads vertically as well as horizontally. How long does it take for a contrail to fall back to earth if at all? If they do make it to the ground, is it then water vapor that touches down?

  • I've often noticed that planes flying on more or less the same track, headed in the same direction leaves different contrails. By different I mean how long they stay visible and the length of them. Why is this so? Is it weather related?

  • Chemtrail conspiracy theorists believe that there are certain additives being put into jet fuel to spew out [nano-]particles that rain down on us, for means that are being kept secret. The hypothesiz...