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  • I realize that airlines can operate with different numbers of Pilots and Flight Attendants, depending on the route, aircraft and length of flight (EET). Which are the types of crew members that an airline can have, with the correct titles? I've heard about captains, master captains and cruise captains, but how can I identify them during the flights?

  • 14 CFR 1.1 includes the following definitions related to crewmembers: Crewmember means a person assigned to perform duty in an aircraft during flight time. Flightcrew member means a pilot, fl...

  • I see that big planes (for example B737, A319 etc and up) always need a staircase or a boarding tunnel in order for crew or passengers to enter the cabin since the position of the entry door is quite high (meters above the ground). What solutions are there if none of these options are available? (Except, obviously, for aircraft like DC-9's/MD-82 and 727's which had the rear entrance) How could the pilots get in? Is there some sort of manhole under the aircraft that can be opened to get inside with a sliding staircase or similar? Living in Africa, I have been to a couple of airstrips where

  • Recently, the crew of an Indian airline performed a short choreographed dance sequence mid-flight on the occasion of Holi. This is, a not so rare practice amongst low-cost Indian carriers, who... of the pilots can be seen recording the dance on his camera. SpiceJet specially planned this event, and had extra cabin crew on-board the flight as a precaution. Also, during the dance, one of the pilots... environment where in-flight safety of the crew and passengers would be affected. Were the actions (suspension of pilots and showcause notice to the airline) justified? Is a dancing cabin crew dangerous

  • I've noticed that on some airlines (I may have seen it on SAS) the cabin crew had a small touchscreen at the front of the plane which they were using to select recorded audio messages etc, in both their language, and English. Searching the internet, I found out it's called a Flight Attendant Panel — here are some photos I found: So I gather they can control the lighting, and movies; but what else can these panels do? I also found a FAP trainer, which says: This virtual training environment generates a realistic FAP representation including OBRM, CAM and PRAM What

  • The Federal Flight Deck Officer page on Wikipedia says this: Under the FFDO program, flight crew members are authorized to use firearms. A flight crew member may be a pilot, flight engineer or navigator assigned to the flight. To me, it seems like this would be crucial information for the PIC to know, if their flight engineer (for example) was armed; but on the flip-side of this, the engineer might want to keep that to himself if he's with a crew he hasn't flown with before. Is there a guideline on whether an FFDO should inform the crew that he's armed?

  • In the olden days there used to be a navigation officer in commercial airlines who had the tasks of navigation and radio communication. But, in modern commercial airliners there is no navigation offic...

  • I was watching some police programme on TV the other day, with an air chase that had the police helicopter crew on their toes; having to perform a lot of sudden maneuvers. How do police, or HEMS (medical), helicopters communicate with ATC? I presume they get priority, but do ATC clear other traffic out of the way? Is there a comms person/navigator on-board? Do they simply "see and avoid"?