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  • When an engine fire is detected the fire handle lights up and the pilot pulls it to extinguish the fire. Why doesn't it do that automatically? Why does the pilot have to pull the handle?

  • the turbines/fans of multi-engine jet aircraft rotate in the same direction. I.e., do both the port engine and the starboard engine rotate uniformly clockwise or counterclockwise? It seems like... engine propeller aircraft utilize trim presets to compensate for the longitudinal torque generated by their propeller–correct?

  • I remember back in the 90's that commercial planes would line up on the runway, stop, apply full power and then release the brake to take off. Now I've been on flight where they've literally rolled f...

  • How do jet engines work? Gabriel Brito

    I was doing research about jet engines, and they seem really difficult to fully understand. So, can anyone explain it in a simple way? How do jet engines work?

  • Back in the early days of aviation radial engines were very popular, it seemed like all of the big planes of the 20s, 30s and early 40s used them. But some time during WWII (or so it seems to me) aircraft manufacturers switched from radial engines over to inline engines. Why was there a switch? Why do modern manufacturers rarely, if ever, use radial engines? Example of a Radial Engine for those who are unfamiliar:

  • I mean, on the one hand it seems kind of obvious, if you had a fuel tank that was mostly water then you would lack combustible materials for the engine, but I get the impression that having any water in the fuel tank at all is considered a really bad idea. Why is that? Is it all right to have a very small amount of water in the fuel tanks? Is there a defined percentage of liquid in the fuel tank that must be fuel in order to operate safely? (say 99.87% or something?) And does this differ from prop to turboprop to turbofan to jet?

  • What are cowl flaps? flyingfisch

    What are cowl flaps and what are they used for? It seems I have only heard of them in connection with old planes, are they peculiar to radial engines?

  • The Soloy Dual Pac apparently allows two engines to rotate one propeller -- here's a picture of it on an Otter: Is this recognised as a centreline thrust twin engine aircraft, a "standard" twin engine aircraft or just an aircraft with a single engine for FAA certification? What about for pilot licensing?