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  • I recently read about flap load relief systems in some aircraft that attempt to prevent flap overspeeds by automatically retracting flaps under certain conditions. Are these systems common on all large aircraft or are they specific to just a few? How do they work (i.e. under what conditions will they retract flaps)? Do they prevent the possibility of overspeeding flaps altogether, or do they just make it less likely to happen?

  • Full flaps on takeoff flyingfisch

    Are full flaps ever used on takeoff? One flying book I read strongly discouraged anything more than quarter flaps on most planes due to the amount of drag produced. I was just wondering if there are any scenarios where full flaps might be necessary.

  • flaps down. After the wheels were on the runway he relaxed, never realizing that a plane is not landed until the switches are cut. Because he still had airspeed and because full flaps lowered... on to state how much flap should be used in what conditions, and then he finishes with this: Let us then raise the flaps in gusty or crosswinds as soon as the wheels touch down. To wait until it is time to taxi doesn't help slow the plane very much, and flaps do constitute a hazard in gusts. Besides, it is surprising how much a small pebble costs when it goes through a flap. Is he right

  • I know, flaps are mostly used during take-off or landing to generate both lift and drag simultaneously. I am wondering if the pilot uses flaps to generate more lift so that they can climb in less distance (due to drag of flap) and possible reasons for doing it. I have an idea that the flight control system may prohibit flap deployment above a certain altitude or at higher speeds due to flap structural limitations.

  • At the club I fly at, there is an older Cessna 172 that has a manual "Johnson Bar" that is used to put the flaps down. In the newer 152, and I believe the rest of the planes (I have yet to fly them), the flaps are controlled via a electronic (or hydraulic?) lever. It appears to me that the manual flaps are more reliable, more maintainable, and a hell of a lot more fun in my opinion. Additionally, the manually flaps don't require a lot of strength to operate IMO. Does anyone know why the automatic design is favored over the manual counterpart? Same question applies to car transmissions...

  • I know on the 737, the leading edge slats deploy at the first flap setting, and the trailing edge flaps deploy after that at higher flaps settings. Why do the slats deploy before the trailing edge flaps?

  • This question is about light, tricycle, single engine aircraft. I have made it a habit to raise the flaps right after touchdown (when the nosewheel is on the ground). My instructor used to do... on a C182 that I wanted to rent in Florida and when I raised the flaps right after touchdown the instructor shouted "what the < beep > are you doing? You should never raise the flaps until you've... of fiddling with the flaps lever (which is a something I don't even have to think about) My question is: Is it really a bad idea to raise the flaps that soon after landing? Or is it actually a good habit? (I