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  • Glider canopy string Steven Frost

    What is the purpose of the piece of string taped to a glider canopy? Is it effectively a turn coordinator, but then what advantages would it have over a gauge such as the ones fitted in powered aircraft?

  • Since gliders don't have engines, is it possible for them to go around? Are there extra features on a glider to try to prevent that situation from happening?

  • We know from other questions and answers that airplanes and gliders in particular can have their performance described in terms of glide polar and Lift-to-Drag ratio. As it appears from the images in the first linked answer (included below), the two are connected to each other. Despite my research I couldn't find a source on how to derive one curve given the other (the polar given the ratio or the ratio given the polar). Is it possible to do so? I have heard from friends that are glider pilots that the glide polar curve can be described as a parabola, but I haven't found any reference

  • I'm interested in short, or trick, take-offs - such as from platforms, tall trees, etc. I think that I should have a wind speed and direction measure an understanding of my wing surface area Thi...

  • There are a number of different ways of taking off with a powerless hang glider, the most commonly used being either running down a hill or jumping off a cliff/platform. This is how I learned to hang glide and is the standard way of getting airborne for most hang gliders. However, I recently moved to the Houston, Texas which is extremely flat. As far as I can tell, there isn't a single hill tall enough to take off from within a 100 mile radius of where I live. How can I safely get airborne when I am on flat ground?

  • So I was looking at the description of a ASW 27 B glider and ran across this statement: Two water tanks in the wing plus a further 35 liter tank in the fuselage enable the ASW 27 B to carry more water ballast than any other 15 m glider and also give it the widest range of wing loadings If a glider is trying to stay aloft as long as possible, wouldn't it be better to be light? Why would you add ballast and be able to dump it?

  • If I recall, in America there were several "Prohibited Access" airspaces and others required permission, via radio, to enter in a typical aircraft. But, what if I'm gliding over a restricted airspace?...

  • I just saw a documentary on the design of the Boeing 787 "Dreamliner" and one of the designers said that the wings were inspired by gliders. Looking at the production version of the plane, it is obvious that the wings are indeed more glider-like than other airliners. How does that affect the glide ratio? I can't find any data on this (is there any data on that at all?)

  • How are thermals found? Glen The Udderboat

    As far as I understand glider pilots like to look out for thermals. I assume that when you are in one, you can perceive that and you can make roughly sure to stay in it. But what if you're not in a thermal? How do you look for one? Are these methods (like finding a cumulus?) significantly/statistically more efficient than just randomly browsing? Or is it mostly a question of luck?

  • Would it be technically feasible to install the Pneumagic inflatable wing on the Silent glider?

  • Is it technically feasible to make a sailplane from transparent carbon fiber? I am looking for an answer based on the specifications' comparison of the 2 different fibers. And can it be made self-launch capable with an electric motor ? ie. the difference in the design considerations while positioning and designing an electric motor for a normal glider vs a carbon fiber glider; Eg. Sparrowhawk.

  • I will most definitely start a training for a glider pilot license at our local flight club. This of course requires a medical certification for pilots. The only concern I have, is my blood pressure. I am an 18 year old male with an overall healthy condition. However the last few times I had a doctor's appointment, I had a somewhat high blood pressure (it was always between 150/70 - 180/85 mmHg). Online I haven't really found that much information about the limit of the blood pressure in order to still get the Medical. I have found some sources saying that everything below 220/125 is good