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  • Pretty straightforward: what is the difference between forward flight, straight flight, level flight, and cruise flight in helicopters?

  • Why are quadcopters not flown by human pilots yet? Wouldn't they be more stable and easier to control than helicopters?

  • The MD-900 is a helicopter which seems to be quite popular with law enforcement agencies. As you can see, instead of an anti-torque tail rotor, a fan exhaust is directed out slots in the tail boom. I was wondering if this works in regards to auto rotation, should the aircraft lose its engines.

  • What is the function of the scissors link on the rotor of a helicopter? I assume it has something to do with the flight controls, but I'm not quite sure what.

  • It seems like at this point it would be game over, since the spinning rotor is the only thing keeping it in the air. Is there any way to land a helicopter in this condition without crashing?

  • Is it possible to control the direction during auto-rotation, and how does it work?

  • Inspired by this question. My knowledge concerning helicopters is quite limited: what is auto-rotation? are there other "rotations" possible? in what do they differ?

  • Meaning by "atmospheric geostationary satellite" a vehicle capable of hovering 30 km above Earth surface, hence insde atmosphere, for unlimited time, making use of air propellers, solar panels and batteries. How much energy is needed to keep an object steady in air at 30 km above surface? There are two possibilities: a plane-like vehicle, flying in circle, using wings to stay up; an helicopter-like vehicle, hovering.

  • Flight hours costs approximately $285 per hour. Below is a screenshot from a local (Newport Beach, CA) school regarding what it takes to become a private pilot. So I was hoping that maybe there mi...

  • If I own a helicopter and am appropriately rated, can I land the helicopter anywhere that isn't private property, and is a safe place to land (clear of obstructions, appropriate surface, etc.)? My question is specifically about the regulatory requirements to land a helicopter off-airport in the United States.

  • When I learned to fly helicopters, I of course spent significant time learning about and practicing autorotations. The CFI at my school, who had around 15,000 hrs (that's right, fifteen thousand!) sa...

  • Quoting from page 162 of the book "Fatal traps for helicopter pilots" by Greg Whyte: Hydraulic jack stall (servo transparency) in (AS-350) helicopter is an aerodynamic phenomenon can occur when the helicopter is flown outside it is normal flight envelope and subjected to positive maneuvering (g-loading). It results in uncommanded aft and right cyclic and down-collective motion accompanied by pitch up and right roll of the helicopter. My question: What is reason for uncommanded aft and right cyclic collective down pitch up and right roll?

  • Just what the title states. Since the Wright brothers, aviation technology for fixed-wing craft has advanced by an order or more. Rotary wing craft on the other hand (I know little about aviation; pl...

  • The Netherlands has a few Eurocopter EC135s for air medical services. (See Wikipedia.) How much clear landing space is required (either theoretically, practically or regulatory) for these?

  • I was watching some police programme on TV the other day, with an air chase that had the police helicopter crew on their toes; having to perform a lot of sudden maneuvers. How do police, or HEMS (medical), helicopters communicate with ATC? I presume they get priority, but do ATC clear other traffic out of the way? Is there a comms person/navigator on-board? Do they simply "see and avoid"?