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  • As far as I know, most (or all) airplane owners purchase insurance that covers liability, if nothing else. Good idea or not, is aircraft insurance legally required in the US, in the way that automobile insurance is required?

  • Typically, a pilot will have airplane insurance (or renter's insurance, if flying un-owned aircraft), car insurance, home insurance, life insurance and then for good measure purchase an "umbrella"-type insurance (usually up to $1MM). Have there been cases where this wasn't enough insurance, or the pilot thought he or she was insured but there was something unforeseen that rendered his insurance policies ineffective of shielding him or her from liability? This question is specific towards American pilots, in this case if would be for an "average" person, owning/flying a small single-engine

  • I know there has been some cases where a flight instructor is sued after a current or former student does something that gets themselves (the student) killed or causes damage. I know that there have ...