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  • I know that some countries (Russia and China for instance) use meters to measure altitude while the rest of the world uses feet. Why isn't this standardized around the world? I guess all modern cockpit instruments nowdays offer both unit system measurements, but this must be creating some confusion for pilots. Who decides which measurement units should be used for aircraft altitude? The airlines? ATC? Each country? Why are both units of measure used? Are there any pros or cons with using meters?

  • I saw this question from History Stack Exchange and noted that the US is still using the imperial measurement system such as feet, miles and pounds. Given that a plane may need to fly from one country to another, is there any standardisation across the globe? Does planes manufactured by Boeing use one system and planes made by the Airbus another system? If not, wouldn't it be very easy for pilots to make calculation error?

  • This is a followup to What is the measurement system used in the aviation industry? and related to this question from History. I can understand the arguments as to why adoption of SI units would not make sense for the general population, but aviation is a specialised business. All professionals are highly trained, and would (should) be well versed in both systems anyways, so the transition would be much simpler from the point of view of human factors. The technology would probably be much harder to shift but again, with more and more displays and documentation going digital in cockpits

  • I'm interested in short, or trick, take-offs - such as from platforms, tall trees, etc. I think that I should have a wind speed and direction measure an understanding of my wing surface area Thi...