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  • If you plan to fly on a cold morning and there is frost on the plane, what needs to be done? Do you have to remove the frost from the windows? wings? tail? fuselage? How should you remove a thick l...

  • Have there been any studies that gathered statistics on overlooked items on preflight inspections, or even statistics on how many pilots actually perform a good preflight (following a checklist, etc.)? If such a study exists, did it uncover anything that proved to be something that was often overlooked? Is there an industry "best practices" document for preflight inspections (beyond just following the manufacturer's checklist found in the POH)?

  • What should one do when done sumping a small amount of fuel during a pre-flight? Should it be dumped on the ramp? Or is it considered necessary to find the container far away from the airplane? Is it...

  • talking about the preflight checks that ensure that everything in the cockpit is setup correctly for takeoff. I understand that an EFB is an electronic version of the 40 pounds of paper a pilot usually needs in the cockpit. Can this preflight check be done on the EFB? and can this be automated?

  • Preflight checklists often contain the item Flight controls: Free and correct However, if the rudder is tied to nose-wheel steering, is it even possible to check if the rudder is correctly connected (unless have a rear window and can see the rudder during taxi)?

  • Let's say you discover that your landing light is inoperable during the preflight. Your aircraft doesn't have a MEL, so you follow 14 CFR §91.213(d). Assuming you do everything else required (placard, etc.), would placing a collar around a circuit breaker be considered deactivation? If not, is there anything that a private pilot can do that would be considered deactivation?

  • Looking at this video on Youtube, I'm wondering if it is actually legal to take off with a windscreen iced like that? For VFR this is a no go, but what about IFR and under what conditions?

  • I recently saw an argument in a forum I frequent that sumping the tanks when the system was below freezing was a bad idea, as you can't drain solid ice from the fuel system, and there is a chance that ice may jam the drain open, causing your entire tank of avgas to empty onto the ramp. While this is certainly a possibility, is it a reason to skip sumping the fuel system during preflight, or do the reasons for checking the fuel system outweigh the risk of a tank of fuel winding up on the ground?

  • What is the difference between technical consumption and fuel drain in a fuel calculation system? Both of them reduce the amount of block fuel of aircraft. I assume technical consumption is not equal ...

  • In January 2013, a python hitched a ride on plane, unfortunately exposed on the wing after getting sucked out of its hiding place. Qantas 191 is a Cairns → Port Moresby flight on a DHC-8-400, probably the first of the day. Having done walk-arounds for a Cherokee, I would like to think that I wouldn't allow such an event to happen on a small plane. On the other hand, I realize that it would be impossible to do a thorough inspection on, say, an Airbus A380. What is a typical preflight inspection checklist for a Dash 8 or similar plane? Would it have included, for example, a visual