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  • there might be some radio interference or static from such as large aircraft behind them? Are there every any issues when refueling aircraft do this sort of thing? What is the resolution of radar? Would one be able to notice the two blips on the screen unless they were literally under or beside each other, or would it still appear as one dot on secondary radar if say they were 200 meters behind and below?

  • It is quite a common phrase, usually without having anything to do with radar or aviation. But. Is there such a thing as 'flying under the radar'? If so, why is this (and how low is that)?

  • Based on the reading I've been doing of FAA's Next Generation Air Traffic Control (NextGen) plans, I've been wondering if and how radar systems will continue to be used for ATC as NextGen rolls out? Questions include: Is it correct to assert that radar coverage will effectively become a less precise, backup only, data feed? I am suggesting this because my understanding (which could easily be incorrect) is that ADS-B will mandated for most (everyone?) and so aircraft will be actively reporting their precise position without the need for a radar track. Will existing radar coverage eventually

  • I was told a long time ago that having the weather radar turned on when at low altitudes helps to scare birds out of your way because the can sense/feel the radar. Casey also mentioned this in another answer of his. Is there any evidence that weather radar actually scares off birds, or is this another "urban aviation legend"?

  • Suppose that an enemy plane comes into our radar surveilled airspace, and that this plane is mimicking the signature of a friendly aircraft. Can this tactic be recognized? Is there a way of counteracting it?

  • What is the average range, accuracy, and update frequency of radar systems used to monitor airspace in the USA? I'm primarily interested in capabilities for tracking smaller general aviation aircraft without enhanced return data channels like ADS-B, etc. Please include sources, if possible. As an example, by looking at TRACON/ASR data exports (CDR), these systems appear to update an aircraft echo at about a 4.7 second frequency, give or take a few tenths. However, I not been been able to source or verify my findings or similar statements made by expert witnesses in litigation cases.

  • In remote areas that have no radar (oceanic airspace, etc.) how is aircraft separation maintained so that airplanes don't get too close? What do areas that normally have radar do when there is a sudden radar outage? There are airplanes going everywhere, not necessarily on standard airways, and a lot of them are being given radar vectors. What happens when the screens go dark?

  • Primary target: An aircraft not reporting mode-C, the only thing the controller has is the return on the radar. When a controller reports a primary target as traffic to other aircraft, the controller does not have the altitude of the target. Given this, I conclude that ATC radar does not have the altitude (angle-up) to the target, and only provides azimuth. So then without the altitude, how does the radar-system know where to put the target laterally on the screen? Example, a radar picks up a target that is 10 miles from the station. If the target is 0 AGL, the proper position would be 10

  • I am an aviation fan, relatively new to the industry. While I thoroughly enjoy plane spotting at my local KORD airport, at times I tune to LiveATC and Flightaware to get my fix. Unfortunately, my ob...

  • Unfortunately, my skills and understanding of radar and the like are very limited, but if somebody could enlighten me why there is no such thing as a dual bird/weather radar to switch to? I've understood there there have been some (successful) attempts with ground station. It would add weight, but i'd guess that perhaps would be offset for some time by a single ruined engine.

  • How does IFF work? flyingfisch

    How does Identification Friend or Foe (IFF) work? Are radar images of friendly planes recorded, or do friendly planes have transponders on them?

  • I was speaking to someone about the MH370 incident, and they suggested that a hijacker could turn off the device that sends the plane's current position, resulting in the appearance of a catastrophic midair failure. I assume that such functionality could not be turned off, but I could be wrong. Is there any way that this could be done? Could an aircraft's internal tracking systems be "turned off" midair, and also not be located by external tracking like radar?

  • In February 2014 a co-pilot hijacked Ethopian Airlines flight 702 and took it to Switzerland. Now in March there is some speculation that Malaysia Airlines flight 370 may have been hijacked and destr...

  • These days, when reading news about missing Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777-200, I keep coming across a scenario where pilot might have deliberately turned off the transponder which is used for the commu...

  • Most ATC in the world rely primarily on secondary radar to know where planes are. This requires that the transponder on the plane works correctly. This means that maintenance and deployment of primary radar is no longer a primary concern for airspace regulation. It becomes at best a secondary backup system before they need to pull out the flight progress strips and airways charts. Where are the spots that is not covered by primary radar? I understand that some military ships have primary radar and can act as a mobile radar during operations.

  • I was looking through my virtual radar logs one of the days and found this "glitchy" ADS-B behavior. I am almost 100% sure that this is not due to my antenna or setup since two independent different radars confirmed this weird behavior from FlightRadar24. Also A/C before and after this one did not exhibit this behavior. Does anybody have any thoughts as to what may be happening??? Why is the "skew" at seemingly same angle? Is that anything? In light of MH370, does this happen often, how reliable is that GPS data? Tail # N657UA Boeing 767-300 Typical route between EGLL and KORD Time

  • I'm wondering if there's ground radar on planes, or any fallback system other than relying on a controller, for avoiding runway incursions? Have any studies or reports been made that show statistically how the majority of these incidents occur?