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  • miles out. However, if the target is at 15,000ft, the proper position would be 9.5 miles out. Since the difference is so small, does the radar just put the target at 10 miles, and the FAA separation

  • How safe is IFR in class E? Philippe Leybaert

    In class D and E airspace, there is no separation between IFR and VFR traffic. However, most airspace in the United States below 18,500 feet MSL is class E airspace, which is exactly where non-pressurized aircraft cruise when flying IFR. My question is not about regulation (that's perfectly clear: no separation between IFR/VFR) but I'm curious to learn how safe it actually is when cruising at 10,000 feet in VMC on an IFR flight plan while in class E airspace. I'm pretty sure many pilots will be on autopilot without taking too much notice of what's happening outside but according