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  • On the sidesticks of Airbus aircraft, there is a Priority Takeover button. Wikipedia has this to say: In typical Airbus side-stick implementations, the sticks are independent. The plane's computer...

  • Watching a video entitled Airbus A330 Takeoff Sidestick View, there appears to be a lot of side-to-side movement of the sidestick, as well as a lot of pushing the nose down: I was under the impression that movements on the control column should be smooth and not erratic — what is the reason for the side-to-side movement? As far as I can see on the MFDs, there is no heading change prior to 02:50 (which appears to be done by the A/P anyway). Is it turbulence? Also, what is the reason for pushing the nose down? Is the plane naturally trying to pull up at too high of an angle