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  • While skydiving we have to jump from the airplane at a certain altitude above Earth. So if for some reason the parachute doesn't open, then will that person (or any object similar to a human body) fall to Earth or will it be incinerated/vanish in the sky due to air-friction in space before coming down to the Earth?

  • Piloting an aircraft, if skydivers cannot jump on a flight, what should I take care of when landing? Are there any special recommendations which should be taken into account?

  • Recently there was a mishap at South Lakeland Airport in Mulberry, Florida where a Cessna 170 collided with a skydiver. Luckily all involved suffered only minor injuries. As far as I know, skydiving in Germany must be NOTAMed, is this not the case in the US? The incident was caught on a series of stills:

  • also expect to be required to be certified with a specific level for the skydiving. Bonus points if you can answer that too. I have seen this question about how much it cost to learn to fly