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  • What are the main structural design software packages that are used by the most of the aircraft manufacturers. There are a number of software packages but which one is widely accepted and used for the structural design of the aeroplane.

  • I am wondering which companies develop software for systems on airplanes? I am a software engineer major and I would love to work with planes in some way. I am not sure if that would be more of an electrical engineering position or not, any input would be greatly appreciated.

  • I want to build some software applications applied to the aviation industry and would want to know if any U.S. / FAA regulation could apply in the design of them. I know there are some regulations when a software holds information related with finance, health or kids.

  • A great question's been asked: Is there any U.S. / FAA regulation that could apply for aviation software? This is interesting to me as a programmer and aviation enthusiast, but being based in the UK, I'd like to know if there any EASA regulations surrounding the creation of software for use in the aviation industry?

  • In a flight database that I'm working with on a project, there is a column of data called "flightCategory" with values "C", "G", "T", etc. Any idea what those actually mean? From what I understand, ...