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  • What is "Hotel Mode" flyingfisch

    I have heard that some aircraft that do not have an APU can run an engine in "Hotel Mode". What is hotel mode? Are there any advantages to having it instead of an APU?

  • What does one need to do when a turboprop engine gets over-torqued? I haven't over-torqued an engine before, but it seems it could happen inadvertently, say while doing a go-around. My questions are: Why is important not to over-torque an engine? What happens if you do over-torque an engine?

  • Turboprop engines are more fuel efficient1, lighter for the same power, mechanically simpler and consequently more reliable. They are also slightly easier to operate (no need to fiddle with mixture) and burn cheaper fuel. As a result they replaced piston engines in all transport aircraft long ago. So why didn't they find their way into small GA planes (basically everything above 8-10 seats uses turboprops, but in the 4-seat category, nothing does)? 1Actually looks like I was mistaken. Reciprocating engines seem to be more efficient.

  • In regards to flying at higher altitudes, does it matter if you have a turboprop in comparison to a piston engine powered engine driving a propeller?

  • I have flown a bunch of times on a Bombardier Dash-8 Q400 on a couple of different airlines, and several times I have flown a shuttle flight that is basically empty. I have been instructed to change ...

  • I am currently working on the modeling of blade/casing interactions in aircraft engines. The work is carried out in partnership with a company, therefore, there is a limited amount of it that could be...

  • Are turboprops really more efficient than jets? If yes, does that mean that airlines who use jets sacrifice fuel for faster flights?