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  • I am just curious about this... during one flight on Airbus A321 we experienced turbulence and the pilot told us that the wind speed is 150 km/h, so we won't get drinks and snacks due to safety reasons. The question is: Was that wind speed 'normal' or 'dangerous'? What could happen?

  • Let's say I call up Wx and have the wind direction and I know the runway headings from my charts and the pattern is empty. I can do the math, but it's tedious and slow and even worse when there are multiple runways. This is what I usually do: Runways are 13 and 31 Wind is 253° which rounds to 25 $25-13=12$ $31-25=6$ I'm going to use Runway 31 Is there a trick to determine best runway quickly without doing the math?

  • Without relying on winds aloft or LLWS data, can pilots identify wind shear conditions visually, by watching clouds or otherwise?

  • Many commercial airliners have car-like window-wipers. I would presume this is for taxiing only, as the wind would surely keep the windows free from water when airborne, or do they turn them on in flight? Also, don't these wipers cause a lot of drag, and wouldn't it be more economical to have some kind of air-jet blowing from nozzles to keep the windshield clear?

  • I understand that tailwind is typically a good thing during your flight as it increases your ground speed and gets you to your destination faster. Despite that I get a feeling that pilots typically g...

  • Is there a reason a pilot would takeoff downwind or land downwind? Is it legal to do this?

  • There are various services that use world-wide Boeing Winds for forecast wind data which can be used to calculate an approximate flight time between two locations. They usually have best case, worst case, and average case for each location, altitude, and date in the future. I have searched and searched Google to no avail. Where can this wind data be found, and how can it be used...) format Calculates enroute wind and temperature for up to 50 airport pairs at a time. Calculates enroute wind and temperature for simple great circle tracks or tracks with up to 250 waypoints

  • I have heard that wind affects the actual airspeed that I should fly for maximum range in an aircraft. I understand that wind will not affect the airspeed that I should fly if I am looking for maximum endurance, but what about maximum range? How (and how much) should airspeed be adjusted for wind in order to get maximum range?

  • Wind information can be reported by various sources (ATIS, METAR, TAF, spoken on the radio, etc). I was taught that officially some of these sources are relative to magnetic north and others to true north (although practically this isn't always followed). Which sources are supposed to use which reference system?