What aviation-related TV shows are there?

Danny Beckett
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  • See Wikipedia:Drag polar and Wikipedia:Polar curve (aviation) for example. These curves are not on a polar coordinate system. Why are they called polars?

  • This question aims to serve as a Community Wiki resource. Feel free to edit the list of aviation-related TV shows below! Related: What aviation-related movies are there?

  • My only detailed experience with carburetors is in aircraft. I'm pretty familiar with the principles behind float-type carbs, but I recently saw a schematic for a "downdraft carburetor" with a choke valve. This got me curious, so I did a little research and found that what I'm used to is an "updraft carburetor", and that (according to wikipedia) they fell out of fashion in the automotive industry in the 1930s. Why is the updraft carburetor design so prevalent in aviation? Does an updraft carb actually have a choke valve? Images below to provide a little context for those of us who

  • This is a followup to What is the measurement system used in the aviation industry? and related to this question from History. I can understand the arguments as to why adoption of SI units would not make sense for the general population, but aviation is a specialised business. All professionals are highly trained, and would (should) be well versed in both systems anyways, so the transition would..., this again seems to be a not so huge problem. Maintenance and manufacturing is again fairly specialised and restricted to a smaller number of companies as compared to the general case. What

  • in Dubai and skip other big airport hubs in Asia or Europe. This whole question basically comes down to 'What is the impact of Dubai and the Gulf Carriers on aviation'? More specific... Though...As one may have noticed Dubai and Emirates is booming. Dubai International Airport shows an average growth of 10+ percent over the past 5 years and Emirates is growing to become one of the worlds... of freight. So, quite impressive. As an European I notice a certain fear with traditional airlines like Air France-KLM, Lufthansa and British Airways of losing the Asian market and a lot

  • Suppose that an aircraft is in an exigency or emergency solely related to aviation (ie not a medical situation). Moreover, suppose that some airline passenger believes that he/she can help... each other and the plane continued its fall as a result of its stall. The captain was out of the cockpit at the start of the stall. He returned afterwards (I don't recall exactly when), spent some critical time surveying the control panel, but didn't apprehend the problem in time. I am dejected to imagine that a passenger might've straightaway discerned the discrepancy between their yoke

  • The FAA will open up to flying civilian drones in 2015. Should we get pilot licenses to be ready for this? if so, is there a difference between plane or helicopter pilot license? Links related: NASA Helps Draw Up Rules for Flying Drones in the U.S FAA making plans for drone flights in U.S. U.S. colleges begin offering more drone piloting programs to keep up with domestic drone boom California bills tackle drones, personal privacy Aviation schools prepare for boom in demand for drone pilots

  • On the sidesticks of Airbus aircraft, there is a Priority Takeover button. Wikipedia has this to say: In typical Airbus side-stick implementations, the sticks are independent. The plane's computer either aggregates multiple inputs or a pilot can press a "priority button" to lock out inputs from the other side-stick. On US flight 1549, the CVR transcript shows that Sully hit the Priority T/O button, after the co-pilot (Skiles) handed over control of the aircraft: 15:27:23.2 - Sully: My aircraft. 15:27:24.0 - Skiles: Your aircraft. 15:27:26.5 - FWC: Priority left. I'm

  • This video shows a Hawker jet with the wing fluttering up and down like it's about to break. What can cause flutter like that? Can it actually cause a wing or stabilizer failure? How can flutter be prevented? What should be done if something like this happens?

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