Enemy plane detection

  • Enemy plane detection user2040

    Suppose that an enemy plane comes into our radar surveilled airspace, and that this plane is mimicking the signature of a friendly aircraft.

    Can this tactic be recognized? Is there a way of counteracting it?

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  • After answering this question on History.SE, I started to wonder if it would be possible to find out even more detail about the plane now that its serial number is known. I have no idea what kind of flight records the US Army Air Corps kept, however. I know most flight logs today are kept by pilot, but I imagine there would be some way to trace what pilots flew a particular plane. I have no idea if this is possible for USAAC trainer planes in the 1930s. Could I get access to these records? If so, how would I go about it? I'm mostly interested in seeing if I can find out more information

  • Suppose that an enemy plane comes into our radar surveilled airspace, and that this plane is mimicking the signature of a friendly aircraft. Can this tactic be recognized? Is there a way of counteracting it?

  • Are there any good resources that teach you how to identify jetliners from the ground? I'd love to see some great comparative photos of their silhouettes. Books or websites are both ok. For example, here's a plane that was flying over yesterday en-route to KSFO. I'm guessing it's a 747 or A380, but I can't easily guess from this angle.

  • Recently I was checking in to a flight and was asked if I'd like a window or aisle seat as usual and choose a window seat. I was then told that there are no more window seats available but I could get an aisle seat without someone sitting next to me and then just take that window seat. The plane was an ATR-72 so the rows were 2+2 seats. I know about weight distribution to the front/back but I couldn't come up for a good reason to do this. What could be the reason for not giving me that apparently free window seat right away?

  • plane was fine, and I can't find any Part 61 regulations that are specific to experience in one make/model aside from adding an experimental aircraft as part §61.63(h)(1), which is what I assume the box is really for. Of course I'd rather test in my more-experienced plane, but I'm asking specifically for regulations here if Plan A falls through. Are there any regulations or headaches that I would encounter if I need to change the tail number or model number of my checkride plane and listed hours therein, potentially long after IACRA submission?

  • If the Malaysian plane went as slow as possible , could it have landed intact, then sank to the bottom? Thus , leaving virtually no evidence at top of water ?

  • This is related to the recent disappearance and the fact that some claim the plane's black box to be deeply under water and that's why it cannot be located

  • On two of my trips (same airline, same kind of plane 777), I noticed that the airplane took very different routes (from New York to UAE). 1st Trip in 2012 (blue): Duration 11h 30m 2nd Trip in 2013 (green): Duration 13h 00m I know that the blue line is the shorter distance, and probably also because of jet streams, it took lesser time. But why a plane would take this green route, even not considering jet streams? Since I am not an important person, I could not ask the captain of the plane this question at the end of journey. P.S.: I observed the flight paths on the entertainment system

  • I have flown a bunch of times on a Bombardier Dash-8 Q400 on a couple of different airlines, and several times I have flown a shuttle flight that is basically empty. I have been instructed to change seats on these flights, reportadly to balance the plane better. It appears as though the request comes from the cockpit relayed back to the cabin staff. The plane appears to be static in place, so how do they determine that they need to balance the plane? Does the landing gear report this sort of info? A Dash-8 is a reasonably 'large' airplane that it seems sort of surprising that the balance

  • Is it possible to rent a float plane with a private pilot's license? Flying floats is one of the main attractions for me to learn to fly. However, after some searching on the internet I can only find wheeled aircraft that are available for rent in my area. Am I missing something? Are there flying clubs or partnerships that have float planes available? I would love to fly floats but owning a seaplane is not in the cards for me at this point in my life.

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